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November 22, 08

6:00am - Sleepy, still haven't slept, but i have to get up 'coz we'll be having a recollection at the church.
6:40am - Got dressed and everything.
7:00am - Went to church. Talked with some fellow choirmates including King. We talked about Dota Warcraft.
8:00am - Recollection is about to start.
Around 8:30am - Recollection starts and i'm now feeling drowsy.
9:00am - Listened to a lot of music. Funny thing is, i slept a few minutes! I almost leaned towards my fellow choirmates. LMAO!
Around 10am - We were asked to draw something.
1.)Your role in the church as of now and how you function.
2.)What characteristics of an ideal church servant do you want?
(i draw a computer that has no internet connection. - 'coz as part of mass media ministry, i think i don't function well. And that i don't portay any role. The fact that i'm an officer.)
11:45 - Recollection is over. And time to go home.
But we had a meeting and our youth coordinator sold us tickets to a church play from the other church. So we had to stay for a few minutes.
12:10pm - It freakin' rained! I had no umbrella. And i have a date with my girlfriend. Oh she's going to be pissed 'coz our meeting time is 12:30 and still i haven't got home.
12:40pm - Still the rain isn't stopping. I then decided to go home even without an umbrella.
1:00pm - Ok, date cancelled! My girlfriend got mad.
1:30pm onwards. - I slept. Woke up dinner time. LOL!