Welcome to a fascinating journey into your inner worlds. Whether you’re already a prolific dreamer or are just peeking into the unknown, you’re sure to get results from the insights, techniques, and tips provided in Dream Dictionary For Dummies. Not only does this book outline important dream skills,this book also provides a totally unique dictionary — a fascinating read in itself — that lists the meanings of hundreds of dream symbols.

Before you delve into the nuts and bolts of how this book is organized, it will help to understand some important points about dreams so you can use your dream life to discover more about your inner self:

*The dream world is not separate from the waking world; they are extensions of each other and are mutually supportive and cocreative.

*Everything you do in dreams is real; it’s just happening in other dimensions of your awareness.

*It’s normal for your awareness to constantly shift through all the dimensions; you change focus continually, day and night.

*Dreamwork is a way to discover what your whole self, the you beyond your logical mind, is doing.


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