Short info:
AlertPay, a privately owned and managed company founded in 2004, is a rapidly growing leader in online payments. The service provides individuals and businesses the ability to send and receive payments online without exposing their personal or financial information.

To register, simply click this link:

You will then be directed to the sign-up page of alertpay.

Go to the Left portion of the page (Step A).
You'll find 2 options:
"Open an Account | Learn More"
Choose "Open an Account" (Step B)

You will then be directed to select your account type.

Choose your country (Step A)
Choose your account type "Personal Pro" (Step B)
Click Next (Step C)

You will then be directed to Step 2 of creating an account.
Account Information.
Fill up the form.
It's good to type in real details.
Writing false information may lead to problems cashing out in the future.
Don't worry, your informations are safe.
When you're done, click Next

Step 3:
Fill up the details needed for your Alertpay Account.

: Transaction Pin will be used for all transactions like withdrawing funds.
So its important that you remember this.
Ex: 5678, 12345678

When you've finished filling up the account details, scroll down at the bottom of the page.
You will see "Word Verification" and "User Agreement".
You may be prompted to verify a random word on the screen, so just type the letters provided
(Step A).
Read the "User Agreement". Then upon reading it, check the box confirming that you abide with it (Step B).
Then click "Register" (Step C)

You will then be directed to the "Validate Email" page.

Upon checking your e-mail, you will see a message from alertpay similar to this.

Click the highlighted link.
This will validate your account.

Upon clicking the link, you will be directed to the "Log In" page of alertpay.

Enter your password (Step A) then click the "Log In" button (Step B).

You now have an Alertpay Pro Account.
Hope i helped you.

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