Newly exposed to this kind of community, blogging has become a hobby to many people around the world. The internet marketing community is talking about blog advertising nowadays. But there are still many people who are wondering just what blog advertising is. To give you an info about what it is, let's start with the basics.
A blog gives the consumers a voice letting them express what they want, what they feel, and what they think about a certain something. Whether its a person, place, or a thing. Marketers nowadays use Blog Advertising. Blog Advertising is a new kind of marketing strategy to give opportunity to bloggers around the world to "make money blogging" in the comfort of their homes. To write about anything they like. One site that offers pay per posting stuffs is Paying Post.com which indeed paid a lot of bloggers to write about stuffs including reviews and other things on the internet.
Before you can begin to define blog advertising it is important to establish what a blog is. A blog is a web log or web diary. Or at least that is how it started. But blogging has evolved into something much more while there are still millions (or billions) of folks starting and operating traditional web logs.
In simple terms, a blog is a web site that is actually a system of connected pages (or rather posts) that are organized by date with the most recent post presented first. Now that you know what a blog is let's discuss the definition for blog advertising.
If you are wondering why an internet marketer would advertise on blogs there are several good reasons and here are some.
The first important reason why blog advertising is a good choice is that blogs are often updated frequently and so visited by the search engines more often than static web pages. It means your advertisement and link will get noticed in almost no time.
Blog advertising is as simple as it sounds. It is the advertising connected with a blog. Almost since the inception of blogging there has been some form of advertising involved. Like Banners and text ads have long been run in the top or heading of the blog, along the sides in sidebars, and along the bottom in footers. Text link advertising industry began to pick up bloggers discovered they could sell text links on their blogs. Today, the hot topic in blog advertising is post sponsorship. This means that a blogger will include a link and often targeted key words and text within a post for an advertiser. A sponsored post will sometimes be written specifically for an advertiser and centered around specific key words and phrases. Some sponsored blog posts are reviews of a web site or product. Other sponsored blog posts are straight-forward blog posts that follow the traditional content and format of the blog but give a brief sponsorship mention.
Another big reason is that many blogs are highly read which means that your advertisement will be placed in front of a large audience. Even better, if you select the blog you advertise on with care then you will match your ad with the target readership of the blog so the resulted traffic will be very targeted. Best of all, you could start getting that targeted traffic within minutes of your advertising hitting the web.
As advertisers know, bloggers are very influencial when it comes to reviewing a certain product or just about anything. Plus, its cheap advertising. Low-cost, almost same effectiveness.
Finally, blog advertising can provide all these benefits in the long term. Many blogs have been around for years and will continue to publish long after your initial advertising or marketing campaign has ended. Unlike television or radio ads, and even many internet advertising ads, some forms of blog advertising, especially blog post sponsorship, will stay on the blog permanently for the life of the blog. That longevity makes the cost of blog advertising even more cost effective.
Providing rich information and total pros and cons of something. Truly Blog Advertising has become a phenomenal madness.


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