The numbers of industry players are continuously growing through time. Every individual seems to be aiming towards independence in contrast to employment. Some governments even have a recognized program that supports entrepreneurship. Having to own a business radiates a sense of superiority in relevance to authority and aptitude. It takes a strong will to conceptualize a worthy business idea and to outsource the right people to work with. Every stage and part of setting up a business can be a continuous struggle towards development from the time of launching and even prior to it plus throughout each phase of business growth.

Business Direction

With budding increase in number of the business entities in the industry, we can expect a more aggressive and resilient competition among the players. Every business’ goal is directed towards gaining a higher market share by attracting more customers and maintaining a high percentage of loyal customers. Basically, a higher concentration should be aimed to the customers. Indentifying your market is very vital to the business and it should be identified at the very start of the process. Though there are times that a business entity is so engrossed on the existing competition that may lead to laxity on moving towards the off beam market segment. Identifying the target market should rightfully and stoutly be recognized in order to spot on the needs of the market.

Another aspect that should be considered is the consistency of providing a high level of customer satisfaction. This can be done by creating a benchmark and protocols that should rigorously be followed. Certain measures should also be executed to ensure that such benchmarks and protocols are being upheld by. A conventional method being considered in order to ensure consistency is through proper supervision and gathering customer feedbacks. Though there are downfalls on the previously mentioned schemes: it is hard to recognize if everything is being monitored in spite of fervent and invariable supervision and not all customers have the patience and enthusiasm to participate on giving their opinions. It is then better to have a number of ways by which consistency on customer satisfaction can be guaranteed and measured.

An alternative and new way of measuring customer satisfaction, that only a few may be familiar with, is through Shopping Surveys. It involves the process of experience customer satisfaction and measuring it up to certain standards. A selected individual will have to personally visit or be in touch with the business’ employees and have a firsthand knowledge on the quality of service being provided. A more detailed and comprehensive information on the level of customer satisfaction being provided will be gained from this procedure. In order to guarantee a more accurate result, a third party person or anyone not from the company should do the visit to avoid any form of bias.


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