The society has truly evolved in terms of way of life. The primordial people maximizes their basic resources in order to survive and in this day and age, various devices and machineries were developed that (in principle) aims to simplify our lifestyle. Different sectors in the industry are stirring towards alleviating life and making it better through a new and superior technology. As a result, more innovations are in the works and greater diversity in technology is being presented to the society. Having the uttered significance of technology in mind, the society embraces it further and craves for more technological developments. Establishing a mindset, with regards to the benefits of technology, get in the way with becoming aware of its unconstructive aspects that may cause technological stresses.

Information Overload Stress

Different studies were conducted that determines the physiological detrimental of technology especially during over exposures. Numerous information folios on technological stress are even posted in the internet to keep the society informed but they are mostly not given importance to. Significant information are stated on such articles that covers various topics like the simple things that causes it and the ways by which it can be avoided. If these information are then valued, any individual can bring balance on to its lifestyle despite the existence of technology. Are you even insightful that such technological stress exists? And now that you are, what do you intend to do next?


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