“That bird is so well behaved, you can take it anywhere, I promise,” the pet-store owner assured the woman.
Delighted, she took her parrot to church. Things were great until, halfway through the sermon, the bird blurted, “It’s damn cold in here!” Embarrassed, the woman ran out and went to the pet store.
“This ‘good bird’ swore in church today,” she told the shop owner.
“I’m sorry. It sometimes does that in new environments,” he explained. “Next time, grab its feet and swing it over your head a few times. That should stop it.”
The next week the woman and her parrot were in church when the bird yelled, “It’s damn cold in here!”
Quickly, the woman grabbed the bird and swung it above her head six times. Then she put the bird back on her shoulder and sat down.
“Damn,” the bird said. “It’s windy too.”


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